Bridget Norris-Jones - Owner & Lead Instructor

Bridget began step dancing at the young age of 4. In her teens she competed in various competitions across Ontario in both in solo and group dance. She garnered several awards over the years, including top places in the prestigious Open Class. One of her favourite awards included winning the Youth Talent Search at the Western Fair where her group advanced to the Canadian Talent Search in Banff, Alberta.

Bridget has a Theatre Diploma from George Brown College and has worked as an actor/singer/dancer for many years. She also works as an Arts Administrator and Producer for various arts organizations. Outside of work and dance, Bridget serves on the Board of Directors at the Montessori School of Cambridge and loves spending time with her husband Morgan and their two boisterous boys, Maxwell & Brooks.

Bridget Norris-Jones

Abbie Steckley-Leis - Step Dance Teacher

Abbie is 16 years old and began step dancing at the age of 8. In 2015, she started taking lessons from Bridget Norris-Jones, and since the fall of 2018, has been teaching with Steps by Bridget.

Having played the fiddle since age 5, Abbie grew up immersed in the fiddle and step dance world, developing a passion for both the music and rhythmic dance. From a young age, she began competing regularly and received various fiddle awards at competitions across Ontario. Abbie performs seasonally with the Karen Reed Fiddle Orchestra as their first violinist and step dancer, as well as with the band Karen Reed & Crossbow. Abbie's favourite performances include her opportunity to fiddle and dance in Key Largo Florida this past Spring.

Looking ahead, Abbie is excited to further her teaching experience and hopes to inspire others with her love of step dance.

Evenlyn Mage

Evelyn Mage - Step Dance Teacher

Evelyn Rae Mage has been a step dancer for 4 years. She also studies Scottish Highland Dance under the direction of Leslie MacDougall. Her dance journey doesn’t end there, Evelyn is also a Ballet Dancer under the direction of Sharon Millen.

Outside of dance Evelyn is a student at St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School. Her other hobbies are reading, traveling, French and other forms of physical activities.

Evenlyn Mage

What is Canadian Step Dancing?

Canadian stepdancing involves fast dancing to fiddle music using shoes with taps designed to accentuate the dancer’s rhythmical, drumming foot movements. Classes will focus on the Ottawa Valley Style which features variable, aggressive steps danced high off the floor, and flowing arm movements.

What is Clogging?

Clogging is an expressive style of American dance with origins in the folk dances of the British Isles, Africa, and pre-Columbian America.

This percussive dance form is traditionally performed to blue grass music, however today it is common to see it executed to any type of music – whether it be country, pop, rock, etc.


In person and ZOOM lesson now available!
We offer classes for Young Beginners (2 years old) all the way to Adults.

Please inquire with Bridget to discuss your specific class date and time: bridgetnjwellness@gmail.com, 416-433-6701.

Cambridge- Tuesdays 1PM-4PM
Waterloo- Tuesdays 4PM-7PM
Waterloo- Wednesdays 4PM-7PM
Cambridge- Saturdays 9AM-4PM


"Bridget is a kind, thoughtful teacher who moves along at the perfect pace when teaching a new step. I have had a lot of fun challenging myself and learning many new steps."

Student of Steps

"My daughter loves going to dance every Saturday morning and seeing Bridget!"

Mom of Steps student

"Bridget does so much to inspire our children in Step Dance. It is so wonderful for parents to see. Always a toe-tappin', knee-slappin' good time!"

CHDC Families

"I have an absolute BLAST! I've learned so much through doing step dance and now my feet can't stop moving!"

Student of Steps

"Bridget’s lessons are so enjoyable and inspiring. It is our daughter’s favourite activity!"

Mom of Steps Student

"Bridget pours confidence and inspiration into her lessons."

Mom of Steps Student

"I love the love she gives our kids and the community she is helping create."

Mom of Steps Student

"You are an amazing step teacher!"

Student of Steps

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